Open Browser and Attach Browser Issue while interacting with IE

I’m using UIPath version 18.3 and I have found that Open browser and Attach browser commands are not working while interacting with IE.

  1. Open Browser Error- Cannot Communicate with Internet Explorer Browser.
  2. Attach Browser Error- Cannot interact when 2 windows are opened and I found that the selector is coming blank for all the applications. I have checked the selector with “” as well and Uipath is not able to get any selector.

Please let me know what is the Issue while interacting with IE.

@Nuthan Have you install browser extension?

I have seen browser extensions only for Chrome and Firefox in UIPath, please let me know whether extension is required for IE and if so, how to install browser extension for IE?

@Nuthan There is no extension for IE

Hi, I am also facing the same issue here when opening IE browser. Tried the fixes suggested in another thread ( but am still facing the same error.

When is this issue going to be resolved and are there any other suggested fixes?

There is no extension for IE.