Open bot in a other computer

Hello guys!

I faced a problem when I send my bot to a friend. Altough my friends had already installed studio X, the version with I worked, my bot only run in my computer.

Could somebody point me out what should I do?

Thanks in advance!

@Florencia, if you are reading files, for example, they will probably have to change the Paths to the files or you could share the project folder with them, where all files are sitting and make sure you do not use the full path:

The full path would be: C:\SenzoD\MainFolder\SubFolder

should be like MainFolder\SubFolder

another thing if you are using different studio versions, packages mismatch might course errors. so before your friend open the project they must delete the Project.Json file, and then open the project, this will allow the project to rebuild and restore all required dependencies.

Did u unzip the folder n make sure u save the folder in desktop

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