Open attachments

Hi all,

I have extracted a data table from a webpage and wanted the bot to open each file. However, i realized that i will need to use a .Trim in order to open those files. Here is the problem, when i use .Trim, the bot is not able to find those files that has 2 spaces in the file name e.g. abc dec.xlsx
Seems like the extra space has been auto removed and result in the bot unable to find the file.
Is there a way for the bot to locate those files without using .Trim?

Please help. Thanks!


Is that files are there in browser or in local system ?

What activity are you using to open the files ?

Hi lakshman,

The files are in browser.
Im using click to click on the attachment to open.

Hi Guys,

I realized that the extra spacing was removed after extracting data table. So got nothing to do with .Trim
Anyway i can extract that extra space?


Use TrimStart or TrimEnd. It will remove the space before or after but not in middle.