Open Application: The requested operation requires elevation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800702E4)

Dear Community,

I trying to create an automation, which is opening a CSV file, read it into a DataTable, and put all data into the Sticky Password application.
I’m getting continuously the error message above: The requested operation requires elevation.
I was trying to do, what is everywhere mentioned, open UIPath in Administrator mode, but after opening it with an opinion “Run as Administrator” and start the automation, I’m getting the error message: “Access Denied”.
Before starting the automation, I opened Sticky Password with my master password and the application window is visible and is working as expected.
However, UIPath cannot handle it.
What am I doing wrong? I’m a beginner in UIPath, so it can happen I just missed something.

Used system:
Operating System: Windows 10 Education version, 64-bit
Hardware: Intel Core i5, 2.90Ghz, 16GB RAM
UIPath: Studio Pro 2020.10.5-beta.20, Community Licence, EXE installer

Thanks any help in advance!

@Janos_Antal You don’t need to open CSV file… Just use read CSV activity and it will give you output in data table…

Hi Pravin,

Thanks for your reply and you could highlight, I was not precize enough.
I was using exaclty the same activity, what you mentioned.

My problem is not CSV file read into DataTable, but opening Sticky Password appliction and put the data into it. This is the step, where I get the error message.

Sorry for confusion, my bad.
So, the problem is attach to the window for Sticky Password.

Thanks again.

I found this issue in several other places, without any answer.
This is really amazing, that nobody is taking care to answer it.
Even UIPath guys have no answer.

I’m not the only one, who is struggling with this topic, but there is no answer at all.
It’s a shame…