Open application selector does not work

I cannot specifically select documents

Can you explain with more detail?

-I place an open application to open notepad

  • when selecting with “indicate on screen”
    -do not select my file
    -select the entire folder
    -At the moment of running, I get an error

Exactly What is the problem you want to automate?

-that open my notepad file - name “final costs” and type text in it.
-but the “open application” selectors - do not specify, are very general, select the entire screen or the entire folder

First Use Open Application passing your file as an argument and then type into it
Check Properties of Open Application Activity:

Step by Step
I’m new

Just Follow Previous Image

  1. Add a Open Application Activity
  2. Select Indicate window on screen (before you have opened notepad :smiley: )
  3. in Properties, fill Arguments property with the filename you want to open
  4. Adjust Selector to fix Title problem or any other problem with it

indicate on screen - generalize the whole screen

First Open Notepad
After that, add Open Application Acitity and Select the Notedpad window only
Follow the Screenshot I posted before manually if needed

thanks i think it worked

When saving my data, it generates too many notebooks and doesn’t save it in just 1

do you think it may be saved only in one document

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