Open and Close IE multiple times

I have created a process where data is taken from one web page and puts it into another. The way I have written is such that IE opens and closes for every case. It this a good practice or is it better to Open IE once run all cases and then close IE?

Hi @Raviteja94,
It is not suggested to “Open & Close” any browser multiple times, unless there is a business demand.
if a browser is opened and closed for many times , it may affect system performance and that may slow down the pace.
In my opinion, you can perform all the cases and then close the browser, or if you want to open the browser again then you can use navigate activity. All this depends on the business need.

Good Luck !

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My concern is that if I perform too many cases in a single instance of browser then wont it create a memory issue?

There is a lot much difference in “opening a browser ,closing it many times and performing too many cases in single browser instance.”
I have seen some cases where browser is unable to load all items required for UI Element selection. You can not achieve 100% result in such case.