Open Anaconda Prompt, directly


Does anybody know if there is a direct way to open an Anaconda Prompt (to execute some Python code)? Since this prompt is a wrapper (?) around the normal command line, UiPath Studio interprets running Anaconda Prompt as running cmd.exe. This is a problem because my Python code does not run properly from command line *.

For now, I build the following solution, but this is definitely not the most gracious way.

Any advice is more than welcome!

  • Please note that due to technical problems described in this question, I am not able to execute Python code correctly from the normal command line.

I am facing similar issue. Any update will be appreciated.

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If found that if you run C:\Users\*your_username*\AppData\Local\Continuum\anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat on Windows. The Anaconda prompt will be launched.