Open An PDF File in chrome in runtime to Read Data

Hi Baruna here,

I was building an application where I have to read the PDF file on the go of the process for SAP. When am try to get the PDF it is asking to save/open in browser. But I am not able to do it by OpenBrowser activity. Please guide me to get rid of the issue…


Hi @Panda_Baruna_K

You ca use “Strat Process” activity to launch you PDF file via a browser.

Please have a look

Start Process (


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Thanks for the input, But my requirements are different, When am trying to open a pdf file from SAP which is in SAP environment, instead of opening there, It is asking to save/open using chrome view.

I anticipate if I will install adobe or any PDF reader into my system, It will show the preview there itself.

So I will be able to read it from there.

If it sounds logical please guide me, all.


Hi @Panda_Baruna_K ,

If you do not have the Adobe PDF installed, Do install and give it a try, as the SAP may try to search for a PDF viewer to open the Document.

Also, If Possible to Save the Document, we could do that and then Perform extraction of data by reading the pdf in the background.

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Thanks @supermanPunch,

I will try with adobe installation first, Let me see how it works. Otherwise I may need further assistance.