Open an existing Project from an SVN repository in a different CE Studio instance



Hey all,
I reckon this might be a dumb question, but I haven’t found any lead in the forum.
I have a project connected to an SVN repo, but I don’t know how to configure things so that my mate can work on the project as well from Studio CE on his laptop.
When he opens the file through the Tortoise Repo Manager, UIStudio opens the file in a windows temp dir but not the project, and I don’t see a way to open the project otherwise.

Any help would be appreciated



As a workaround, we replicated the project folder structure and files by downloading them from the repository to the local PC with Tortoise and rebinding the project again in UIPath. It’s a clumsy way and possible not the right one.
Shouldn’t UIPath be able to connect to a repository without having to have the files locally first, or having to create a “dummy” project to be replace with the actual one on svn binding?
I’m picturing something like connect to SVN and letting me choose the trunk/branch to create a project in my local UIPath IDE. Is that a thing?