Open an application via shortcut


I have a question regarding opening an application via a shortcut

this is the target path of the shortcut to the app

“C:\Program Files (x86)\JDA\JDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment\SIM.exe” trim

now the issue seems to be the trim part at the end as when i try to iput it to the filename on the ope aplication core it gives the following error

now thw shorcut wont work without the “trim” part and i cant figure out a way to open it in uipath

thanks for the help

Don’t know why you used trim .
1.Here is the way to open the application
Right click on SIM.exe and send to desktop (to create a shortcut) then assign shortcut key ex(ctl+alt+s) then use send hotkey activity and pass the shortcut key it will launch your application.
2. Either use start process or open application and pass the "C:\Program Files (x86)\JDA\JDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment\SIM.exe" in the property. I will work. :slight_smile:


use this insted
“C:\Program Files (x86)\JDA\JDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment\SIM.exe”.trim


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I added the .trim at the end but all i get is this message saying that “an unamed file”

now, i went to the root folder where the .exe for the program is located and clicked on it and the same message

This is rather odd as thats where the shortcut is pointing to and opens up the program with no issues

thank you both,

after some tinkering i found the correct file to open the app and pointed uipath to it,turns out the app has an specific shortcut so i just created a short cut to that and it worked

Loving this software the more i use it

could you please help advise, why I should configure Selector?