Open a Xlsx Excel and run certain macro

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I want to open a certain xlsx file and then run a certain makro in that opened file.
What activity do I use and how?

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Hi @SSchmitz,

use Excel Application Scope activity, and Execute Macro in it:


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Thanks! Now I need to enter the last months ultimo and todays date. Whats the way to get those values?

Do you want to colect the date from this table?

The date today can be used as a variable:

today = Today.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd")

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I need to enter the last months ultimo and then then hit OK. After that the file which includes the “Dateiname” as Filename and is found in Path (“Pfad”) has to be send to a certain mail adress.


You can use something like this:

now (variable type: DateTime)
whichDay (variable type: Int32)
newDate (variable type: DateTime)

now = DateTime.Now
whichDay = now.Day

newDate = now.AddDays(-whichDay)

Function explanation
DateTime.Now shows today’s date
.Day shows you which day it is
.AddDays(1) adds the number of days = 1
.AddDays(-1) subtracts the number of days = 1


Great explantion. So you pretty much do: Date-Day from today. Thanks alot! Very helpfull!

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This is the simplest method because logic is stitched in the UiPath Studio library.


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