Open a project in Enterprise Studio 2019.4.4


I would like to open a project with Enterprise Studio 2019.4.4 and this project was previously created with Studio Community 2019.7.0

It is not possible to do it in the canonical way, so someone knows the right procedure to do it?



Hi @naut1lus,
Unfortunate Studio is not compatible back (in terms of running new project on old Studio). In case of huge versions discrepancy many attributes, functions, activities etc. may work completely different or even not working at all. What you may try to do is to remove project.json file from catalog and open project in older Studio from main.xaml file. Then download all needed packages and open other xaml’s from project and save it. This will generate new json file with dependencies. But remember that this is not the solution. It’s rather workaround which sometimes works but we are not guarantee.


Thanks Pablito, this workaround worked for almost all projects. Some of them need more changes!

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