Open a file which is being written

I have a requirement to open a file using a button.
I have used open process activity to open my text file in notepad . This file is continuously streamed /written from parallel process .

This parallel process locks my file and I am not able to open the file from button unless my parallel process which writes into that text file ends .

Is there any way to open file during , other process writes it .

@Abhishek_aithal - can you advise the requirements to open the file when other processes are using… based on that maybe we can help you to achieve that…


I don’t know your case but you might be good with making use of queues with the parallele processes as producers and the writer as consumer.

Hi ,

I have one process which will stream output to log file .
While that process does this activity , I need to monitor logs parallely by opening the log file . This can happen when I trigger from studio , by double clicking log file in the panel during stream output . But when I trigger from orchestrator or robot tray I have a form with button to open this log file which is not happening when other process streams output to this log parallely .

If it can help, you can open your file with notepad++ activate the log watching mode and write into your file while monitoring the output in notepad++.

Illuminati don’t care about file locks!


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