Open a Excel workbook, read information and decide which tab to open in separate workbook to transfer information into

Hi, I need some assistance. Haven’t found the required information on the forum so hope someone is able to give me a helping hand with my project.

Currently I’ve managed to set up the process automation to download a Excel attachment from mail, store it locally and create a folder named by date and time received. Now I would like the robot to open the attachment and read a specific cell (D1, it would either say 1, 2 or 3). Based on which number (1,2 or 3) is in the cell I would like the robot to pick the correct tab in a separate Excel workbook stored in a different folder.


When the robot has picked the correct tab to enter the information I would like it pick only the lines with all information in (in my example below A3:D3 and A8:D8) and transfer all information to the mentioned tab picked above.

This is my first project working with RPA (and any other programming/coding) so all assistance is much appreciated. Thanks.

I was only allowed to post one picture so this is a picture of the tabs I would like it to choose between based on input i cell D1 (separate workbook in different folder).

This the lines I would like the Robot to pick (in yellow) and transfer.