Onsite Sales Training by Partner Success Manager


In the Silver Tier Partner: Minimum Training Summary course. There is a Course Name called “Onsite Sales Training by Partner success Manager”.

I can’t find this course name in the UiPath RPA Academy because I can’t find the course name and there is no link that leads me to that page.

Can anyone tell me how can I fin this Course? :slight_smile:

The first two courses are related to academy thats why you can find the links which are common for every uipath academy users.

But the last one was a onsite program, and the training is with partner, so you need to contact the UiPath directly.

@Pablito : any help on this?


Hi @siaochuenchong,
I’m not 100% sure but if it says “onsite… training by Partner success” I think it’s the training which needs to be done by your dedicated Partner/Sales onsite (at your place).

Okay, Thanks Guys!

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