Only treat new lines of input file


I’m trying to find a way to do the following:

We are using an excel file as input file for the bot.
The bot runs daily, but we only want the new excel lines to be treated. For example today is the first time we run the bot and the excel file has 27 lines.
How do we automate that, if it runs tomorrow, it should only start with line 28?


Have an asset variable and update its value every time job runs and get asset value to know where to start from

Hi @PrankurJoshi , thanks for your reply.
However it’s not that clear for me. Could you elaborate a little?
What do you mean with “asset variable”? How would you advise to get the asset value to know where to start from?

Please go through Orchestrator tutorial to understand what is Asset

If you are not using Orchestrator and using community edition then dirty solution is to write a temp file in local directory with the number starts with 0 and update it every time bot finishes the task always read from the temp file before your bot starts.