Only get specific column in excel

Hi, I use read range activity for get data start from A6. But A6 column name and G6 column name are same so that I get error. I want to get data A6 and F*. Data is very big, The number of rows varies between 5 thousand and 10 thousand. What should I write in the cell section?


Check on this post, it should work.


You can use this activity to read large excel sheets

In the read range propertie you can use “A6:F”


HI @murat.karasoy

You can try like this

As you did use read range from A6 and disable add headers in the properties of that first read range and store them in a datatable called DT1

  • Second Read Range give the range like “A6:F”+(Dt1.Rows.Count+1).Tostring and save them in another DT called Main_DT


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