Online Quiz feedback & a little Celebration

Hi Guys! Today morning I thought I’ll give the test a first try.
And I did it! not a 100% mark, but they… :slight_smile:

While celebrating myself, I also want to give a quick feedback about the test.
First off - when you start, you get a pop-up saying, if you exit fullscreen, your test is terminated.
I get it, its for anti-google answers, and I like it, however, this also stops you from using Studio and Orchestrator which I don’t agree with.
Also, there are some questions which are very, very poorly put. One being “Can you use the recorder in a Citrix environment”?. correct answer is no, real answer in my head is, why not? we have a specific recorder just for that?

anyhow, congrats me, and wish me luck for the next part of the certification! :slight_smile: I’ll close this thread in the evening


Congrats !
Can see your Enthusiasm as Automation Developer , pls Keep up the pace
Happy Automation