OneNote Template for RPA

Choosing the right tools to create and share all documents involved in an RPA project can be a difficult task.

I have worked with Word Documents and Excel files to create the “AS-IS” and “TO-BE” User Stories, but neither of them really satisfied me, and it always looked as if I was working with tools that weren’t meant for this.

And I would end up with a lot of separate documents, difficult to store and maintain.

That’s why I decided to look into OneNote.

Now maybe you’re like me, you know it’s there because it comes with Microsoft Office, but don’t use it a lot.

But I will show you how you can use it for your RPA projects, and maybe you’ll be convinced, as I am, that it’s actually the perfect tool to use.

Check out these videos I made, and download the template


How to use the template and template download:

How to create flowcharts with Excel:

How to make screenshots with PowerPoint for AS-IS User Story: