OneDrive is not syncing the SharePoint changes

Hello everyone!

I am working on a project that extracts the files from a SharePoint site. The SP folder is being accessed by different people where they upload or remove files. In my solution, I added a shortcut of that SharePoint folder to my OneDrive and I make the robot copy the files through it.

However, I noticed that my shortcut does not really sync the changes in SharePoint. My scenario is that:

  1. Two weeks ago, when I started the development, I had the SP’s shortcut added to my OneDrive. In SP SubFolderX has 2 excel files. So on my OneDrive SubFolderX has 2 Excel Files.
  2. Today, one of the two files in SP folder was moved to archive, so there is only 1 Excel File saved in SubFolderX. However, on my OneDrive, there are still 2 files saved. The one transferred to archive is still in my OneDrive SubFolderX.

Always keep on this device is checked.

I tried to use the Sync function, however, the macro that I am using to process the copied files is failing. This issue does not exist when I’m interacting with the Shortcut on my OneDrive.

Hope anyone could help me resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot!