One Year Anniversary as @ovi



Hey darlings,

As the cake near my name says, today is my 1 year anniversary since I joined the Forum as community moderator (yaaayyyy! :tada: ). When I first joined this community I had no idea what I’m getting into and no clear roadmap.

I have learned a lot from you during this year. Thanks to @andrzej.kniola, @richarddenton, @ddpadil, @aksh1yadav, @vvaidya who, I guess without realizing, helped me find my way around the community since the first day and showed me what this is really about. And it’s mostly about the people. I have personally met many of you (@vvaidya we owe each other an offline meet :slight_smile: ) and I really appreciate all your time spent here helping me and others.

Apart from the few names I have mentioned above, I know many of you by username or pictures and I have seen how you’ve grown from rookies to experts and some of you became our colleagues at UiPath. It’s an exciting day for me and I’m really emotional about it because I got attached to our community and I really appreciate your feedback. And I hope you know that regardless you are new or a veteran here, you can always reach out to me.

Of course, big thanks to @badita for his trust and support. :blush:

I am looking forward for what the next year will bring us :tada:

PS: Thanks for your “happy anniversary” messages you have sent me today, I was overwhelmed. They made me write this post and thank you publicly. :sunny:


Congratulations Viorela on completing your 1 year and Thank you for all your contributions to this forum. Your contributions and organization have taken the forum to a next level. As for me, I have got answers for every query I posted to you quickly than contacting the Uipath Support (:wink:). I look forward to meeting you soon (probably next Dev Conf).

Thanks again for continued support.


Hey Viorela,

First of all, a very happy one year anniversary to you.
You being too humble right now :rofl:. We all know the fact that your the one who started helping us on forum since Mihai.
It’s been a pleasure working with you.:+1:
I hope you come to Bangalore soon, and when you do lets catch up :beers:

Have a great day.


Hi @ovi

Happy Anniversary! :popcorn::cake::chocolate_bar::candy::lollipop::honey_pot::doughnut::birthday: :smile: And Congratulations



Happy anniversary Ovi!

You are the best! The Community are lucky to have someone like you in it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience and support as well. You rock!



Congratulations Viorela! :cake::tada: Wishing you many more such successful years to come! Thank you for your contributions and great support for the community.

BTW this is such a sweet post! :blush:


Although I’m still new and learning the ropes, the few short interactions I’ve had with you @ovi have been so helpful and amazing.

Its people like yourself ( and those who you have mentioned! ) that really make UIPath fun, accessible, and less frustrating for all of us that visit here.

Thank you for making such a huge impact on my learning progression and ability, and I’m sure many others feel the same. You’re not just helping people learn a program here. You’re helping us develop skills that we can use in our jobs / to change careers and improve the quality of our lives, while also developing a community that continues to help each other as we learn more.

So thank you for all your hard work and effort.

Happy cake day!


Hey ovi,
Congo… :slight_smile:


Hey @ovi,

Hearty Wishes and Congratulations for 1 year anniversary in UiPath Forum. As @Zak_Cooper mentioned, you & @badita along with the other super heroes of our community forum, really do impact and improve the quality of so many people’s lives. #truly Inspiring!

Thank you so Much!!


Congratulations @ovi :confetti_ball:

Arivu :slight_smile:


Hey ovi,
Congrats :tada::confetti_ball::champagne::balloon:


Hey @ovi,
Happy Anniversary and congratulations :bouquet::bouquet:
Managing the fastest evolving forum from last one year is not something tiny… Congratulations once again.!!



Congrats @ovi … thank you for the great job in the forum !!!

I wish you, nothing but success in the things to come!!



Hi @ovi

Happy Anniversary! ! :tada:


Congratulation @Ovi. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.


Congratulations @ovi you’ve been a superstar on the forum (far better than @badita ever was ;))

Looking forward to visiting Romania again soon.



Love love love!


Read this belatedly, but congratulation @ovi.
Appreciate all the supports you shed all over the forum.
Being helped so much. Wish you an even sweeter year ahead!


Hi @ovi

Congratulations!!! :tada:



Ovi the great! :slight_smile: