One Tenant, same Licence, two URLs

Hello guys,

I have the following situation:
Two Orchestrator URLs. Both Orchestrator instances have the same tenant and they share the same licence key.
For this Licence key let`s say we have 2 available Dev licences (named licences).

The first Orchestrator instance, let` call it :, uses 1 Development licence for a Robot assigned to Machine1 which is connected to our first Orchestrator URL.
1/2 licences are taken until now.

For the 2nd Orchestrator instance, let` call it: while I create a robot on Machine 2 which is connected to our 2nd Orchestrator URL another licence is used. The created robot usesr the same Username as used in the first situation.
2/2 licences are taken now instead of having 1/2 because this is a named licence and I use the same user.

Why is this happening if both Orchestrator URLs share the same Tenant and share the same licence key.

Can someone bring some light for this situation?


The tenants are segregated and they do not share any kind of information (users or licenses). Logically they are like separated orchestrator instances. However you can move one license from a tenant to another via the Host.

In order to share licenses you may also use folder/organisation units.

May we better understand the use case? Why do you need two tenants?

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