One Robot per User

Hi there, i want to have one robot per team. One team means one user login. How and where in settings can i configure this? Process basically checks the emails . So one robot should access emails using its user login? Do i configure this relationship in process or in assets or in orchestrator environment.
Pls advice.

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Hello @Rani1978

You can install only one robot per computer… So let’s say you have 10 computers. If you want to use only one computer, or one user, it will only have only one robot. If you are looking for the license, the ideal one for you would be the attended robot named user license as it comes for a particular user.

So your process is to check the emails of that particular user or of different users? What you can do is, you can either save the user login credentials in the windows credential manager or in orchestrator assets. Later, in the workflow, you can access these and get the credentials you need to access the emails of the user

Hi ,
There are few points need to explain here

  1. One machine (laptop/ desktop/ VM) can have only one robot installed in it
  2. So that robot can run any process but only one process at once (concurrently)
  3. when that obot is configured with user account , by giving machine key (in which you want to run the robot) , the robot will trigger the process accordingly