One process to be built as a service


Is there a away to automate a process using uipath and make it as a service. I know kofax kapow(an rpa tool) can make robot(a process) as a service. This can be called from any uipath flow with some parameters

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Hi @rahulraj987,
You can just deploy robot as a service and configure Attended robot. Then you can try to run processes from command line. Please check this:

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Thank you !
Why are talking about attended bots here? How about unattended case

Unattended robot needs Orchestrator as your service need to have data like username, password, domain etc. provided from external so service will have possibility to log into machine with an account and perform the task.

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You mean to say that is a vulnerability, right?

Nope. That’s how unattended robot has been created. In just need to have orchestrator connected to robot :slight_smile: