One person who runs our automation seems to get an error that nobody else gets

The same automation works on 3 studio accounts, but the newest person who signed up after the other 3 people seems to get a lot of errors. Recently they are not even able to run the automation and it fails upon validation - despite the other users being able to use it and this user previously being able to use it. They have tried a full reinstall of UiPath but this did not help.

The errors are UI-DBP-006 Container Usage and UI-USG-011 Non allowed attributes

Hi @Zephyr

The first error DBP is suggesting that the newest user is trying to use a container that they do not have access to, or when their license does not support the use of containers. Please check either the roles & permissions grants for the user or their license setup.

The second one, USG-011 arises when that newest user is trying to use certain features or attributes in UiPath Studio that are not allowed under their license or user role.

Hope this helps,
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Hi @Zephyr These are the Workflow Analyzer rules. One way to fix this issue was

  • click on the Analyze File on the ribbon

  • select Workflow Analyzer Settings from the drop down

  • Uncheck the codes UI-DBP-006 ,UI-USG-011 and click OK

Note: It is recommended to follow these rules during the dev process

About Workflow Analyzer click below