One order sheet

hello , how do i use ONLY click, type into, assign, send hotkey, copy selected text, open browser, sequence and Do-while loop to develop a test robot that would do data entry for only 1 ORDER FORM sheet where i only need want the order number, name , email and quantity for that product(s). i was doing halfway then got a little confused
Screenshot 2022-05-15 153104

Screenshot 2022-05-15 153151

Hello @youzi_ba

How you are getting the data to enter the form?? Is it through some document or email or some other source???

through my own excel sheet but I cant share it


So you have t use read range activity to read the excel
Then use for each row in data table a activity to loop through each row
Then in the application use Click activity to click and type into activity to type the content from each row if debatable to your application.

its sort of like a practice from sch uh so there is only certain conditions I can use for this part as stated above^^ but thank you!!