One or more errors occurs

May i knw what is this kind of error?02

are you trying to open something on the desktop?

@VirajN hi, i dont open anythg on PC

so what is the action performed by the click?

@VirajN Click the “This PC”, but show this error.

when in the click activity you were doing the “indicate on screen” was there a check box next to This PC icon like in the image below. If yes please uncheck it and try doing the “indicate on screen” make sure that which selected the logo there is no check box


@VirajN there are no check box already

can please you try running this workflow and tell me if you getting the same error?

Main.xaml (4.5 KB)

also can you please share a ss of your selector for the click activity?

@VirajN after i try tat workflow, i get this error

and this is my ss of selector for the click activity.


If my workflow like this, there is no error.


@lakshman any thoughts here?


Is it in local desktop or remote desktop ?

@lakshman local desktop


ok. Do you want to click This PC icon on desktop and want to open right ?

@lakshman yes

Every time I had a similar issue, either the roaming profile of the windows user was somehow corrupted or there was an incompatibility with one of the package/dependency versions


I am able to open from my side. Try with Pick and Pick Branch activity.

If it won’t work then assign one shortcut key to that that icon and use Send Hot Key activity to open. Alternatively you can use Start Process activity and pass .exe file path to it.

@lakshman you mean use the start process to replace open browser?

How to use Pick and pick branch activity ?



Are you used open browser here ?


Could you please share your workflow with me and need to check once.