'One or more errors occurred' when running a wf

Hey @ovi,

I tried to run a simple workflow after upgrading to beta and this is the error i am getting.


Rammohan B.

Hi @Rammohan91, Can you please send me or @ovi the logs for this in private? Thank you so much for your input and help!

@Rammohan91 we have investigated the logs and it seems the issue is because of the old Robot service host (it didn’t shut down).

As a workaround we suggest to log off and log in you Windows session. Please let me know if after this the error still occurs.


Thank you so much, it worked. I should have given a try myself, but was just too curious. I don’t usually restart my system that often :wink: .

Rammohan B.


I am glad it works now. Thanks again for the logs, we are still investigating what happened with the service that it didn’t close automatically.

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