One or More Error Occured

I want Call Method (handle(imgs))from Python script (watermark Remove )
I try to call but getting Error
Kindly Checked Screenshot ,main Xaml file and Please guide me to resolve issue
watermarkRemove (1).zip (628 Bytes)
Main (2).xaml (65.5 KB)

Hi @ashwini.mali ,

Could you also maybe let us know if you were able to execute this directly using Python code ?

Also, Could you maybe send the Watermark PDF as well ? A Sample of it is fine.

Thank you for replay
Sry ,no

I’m New for Uipath Studio .We Design Job For Remove watermark from Pdf For that we use python script to remove Watermark .So we use python scope activity .
Following is the sequence of the Designed job
Python Scope->In Do ->Load Python Script->Invoke Python Method->Get PythonObject.
But getting error in Invoke Python Method Activity ,Error(Invoke Python Method: One or more errors occurred.).
Kindly check Attached .zip file(Python Script
watermarkRemove (1).zip (628 Bytes)
) and Screenshot
Please Guide me to resolve issue :pray:

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Hi @ashwini.mali ,

Is the Watermark an Image in the PDF ?

hii yes watermark is in pdf invoice

@ashwini.mali Did you pass the working folder in python scope?

code is working fine in pycharm on linux but i try to run code on windows getting error ( raise PDFInfoNotInstalledError(
pdf2image.exceptions.PDFInfoNotInstalledError: Unable to get page count. Is poppler installed and in PATH?)
I try to install poppler library but it’s not installed

Try to install if it necessary, refer to this thread, it m,ay helps you.

@ashwini.mali also check the python scope properties and pass the working folder path as a script where placing.

thank you so much ,Issue Resolve

Happy Automation :smiley:
Happy Learning

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