One excel cell match with other excel file

i am trying to retrieve excel cell value and match into anther excel file column.if present then 1st scenario run. if not present then goes on 2nd scenario.

Hey, can you give a bit more information.maybe share excel file and tell is a bit more, this is pretty simple if its for each row… what cell?

demo excel.xlsx (9.2 KB) excel1.xlsx (17.9 KB)
in this above excel i am trying to retrieve “I1” cell of excel 1 file. and match with in another demo file.

So here is what I did, hope it helps.

Read range of Demo Excel and then for each row compare I1 cell, If - > then

I supouse that excel excel1 will change, so you need to find a way how to make value of file location to be variable, you can read all files from directory and then change with each run, or something like that.

Cheers, (35.4 KB)

1st scenario- party name present then open application and create quotation.
2nd scenario- If party name not present then create party name in application and save party name in demo excel file. for same above excel file
plz help me.