One dimensional array of cant be converted to

I used html tag to data_table and exracted the data table in a format of 1_dimensional array of now i cant read the table so that it needed to be converted as… Can anyone help me with this

no worries
pass that array of datatable to a for each activity and change the type argument as
–inside the loop use a for each row activity and in the input mention as item as it is the datatable to be read now, inside the loop we can access the value of each column we want by a assign activity like this

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it doesnt work

Hmm fine
can i have a view on the workflow a screenshot if possible
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may i know what is the type of output_dt variable

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one dimensional array of

my mail message will be like this

S.No Name User Name Email Id Group Mirror Access Environments
1 Kumar K Na Def - Pxzxd
2 M Ml De - Dez


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it actually looks correct
may i know what was the error you were getting on running this
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No error But the flow didnt enter into for each in output_dt

you mean like its not showing the message box output within the for each having input as output_dt
then thats a error right…

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yes @Palaniyappan how to clear this

i hope you have mentioned it inside the TRY CATCH block
in the catch block mention a writeline activity and mention like this
and another writeline activity like

so that we would know why its failing
or run in debug mode so that we could know what is missing
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Nothing is shown even in debug