Once Queue Item is Processed update Excel

Hello Every one,

Might be what i am asking sound cilly to everyone but really appriciate if i would get the answer.
As i am new to UIpath so still exploring how to find solution.

My activities

  1. Login application
  2. Created Queue ( My input was an excel file)
  3. input on that application from that queue
  4. My Requirment once a queue items is over i want to update the excel sheet status with word Successful ? The bot should find the unique quote number in the excel and accordingly it should paste on that similar row’s column successful.


Hi @Bijay_Jha,

I’ll suggest you to use Lookup Range activity.

Using this you can search for a value (Quote Nbr from queue) in excel sheet and it’s output variable (Lets say Loc) will hold the address of the cell contain that value.
e.g If the output of lookup range is —> A3 then, to write successful in D3
Using WriteCell activity, and range Loc.Replace(“A”,“D”) —> to get D3

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Thanks for your reply It’s Working.

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