Once off Volunteer project - Connecting old people with penpals - UIPath Pricing


I have a once off task, I need to extract content from approx 10k emails, and then reply to the 10k emails using the extracted data and some supplemental data from Google Sheets.

Is there any pricing plan for once off usage or does it have to be a monthly subscription?

This is a once off volunteer project for www.penpalproject.ie
They have 10k sign ups come in over email to write to old people in care homes over christmas, we need to automate extracting email addresses and names and then mapping them to Older People names and addresses (these exist in a Google Sheet already) and sending an email address to each writer telling them the name and address of the older person they should write to.)

Any recommendations to do this for free in UI Path or at minimal cost.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes

Maybe this could be of help: