Once "get text" is used, how to paste in excel

I have a process set up to repeatedly to “get text” for certain text on an html page and now I need to paste it each time in a column in an excel file. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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You can use a write cell activity to write it to that column cell by passing a counter like if your pass to column A then for first row “A”+Counter.ToString in the cell number.


If you want to do it efficiently by saving time then add a data column to using Add Data Column activity and Use Add Data Row to add this row to the column you have created as you iterate through the loop. once the column is generated write the Column using write range.

Hi hope these steps could help you resolve this

—hope you are getting that string value using get text inside a loop
— now keep all those loop and get text activities inside a excel application scope activity and use a write cell activity next to this get text activity
—in the write cell activity mention the get text activity output variable as input value and in the range mention as “C”+counter.ToString
( I have used column C considering that to be updated we can choose any column we want )
—where that counter is a variable of type int32 with default value of 2 defined in the variable panel
— next to this write cell activity use a assign activity to increment the value of counter so that when loop iterates again next row will get filled up
counter = counter + 1

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Cheers @sam1313

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@Palaniyappan thank you for that, not sure if I get what you are saying

No worries
Kindly try and let know for any queries or clarfication
Cheers @sam1313

So it is working for bringing the copied text to the excel file and pasting in the “a1” range that I have assigned. Is there a way for it to paste in a specific column in an empty cell that is closest to the top row

Kindly elaborate this once pls

I have a column set up in my excel sheet and for each time the process copies that text off of the html, I need it to be pasted in the column. Is there a way to do this while specifying which row to paste into each time. Make sense?

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yes of course , its possible based onthe row we are in the excel and where we are in iteration of for each row loop
–like in the write cell use range like this

so this will enter the value in the row of column C along the current iteration of row in the datatable

Hope this would help you
Cheers @sam1313

Hello Palani, me and Sam are working together on this project.

Attached is an error message we get that is associated with the phrase entered. When you say “yourdatatablename” do you mean the excel workbook variable or the sheet name?Kenexa%20Palani

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Sorry it was a type mistake

Cheers @ArvSeyZar @sam1313

Thank you so much!

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So did that work…
do we any other scenarios to be discussed buddy
Cheers @ArvSeyZar @sam1313

yes it worked. Another problem I am running into is that when I want to copy the text it is either a hyperlink or regular text. I want to copy the first instance the text appears and paste it into excel. Here’s how it looks:

hyperlink%20kenexa regular%20text%20kenexa

The wildcard* selector doesn’t work because it would only recognize the hyperlink and I’ve tried other get text methods, so I am stuck for the moment.

Try with screen scrapping method in the design tab of studio
That would work for sure
— scrape the region and it will get all the txt in that region been selected
Hope this would help you
Cheers @ArvSeyZar

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