On using "Excel Appliation Scope" the excel gets freezed and not opening

I want to read data from a saved excel application. But on using “Excel Application Scope”, the file freezes and stops the run

Can you check the following… most possibly its one of these two

1- Make sure the excel file is not protected.
2- excel file is closed, if its open, the bot will not execute properly.

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Can you verify with another Excel-File?
Btw, just to read data you dont need Application Scope.

Yes … I verified with another file… But the same issue happens… at the Output console, it shows something like “hrdc”, the excel gets opened multiple times and gets closed. I am using Excel Application scope to perform multiple operations . This is just the first step.

Yes. The excel is not in protected Mode. And not opened during execution

Hi Vaishnavi,

Can you share screen shot of error which you are facing, so that we can help you.

Please look at the Output console in the attached screenshot, it shows something called “hrdc”

It seems you are reading B2 cell value and writing it on output.

And hrdc is printing again n again.

Can you once check B2 value in excel file or it seems that some loop is running .

Can you please tell in details what exactly you want to do.

Or if it is possible can you share the excel file .

Thanks :slight_smile: !! Got it. I have created Excel Application scope inside a sequence. So the loop was running again and again. Now it is running perfectly :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all for your replies :slight_smile:

Please mark it as solution, if it helps you and it will also help to end the topic in Forum.


Done. Thank You.

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