On-premises licensing plan for Orchestrator 2022.10

We have orchestrator 2021.4 installed in a machine and we are looking at options to upgrade it based on licensing plan available. We currently have the legacy on-premises licensing plan.
We can see that Flex plan is the go-to choice as it offers multiple deployment options.
But due to cost considerations, we are also looking at to see if we can stay with on-premises licensing plan.
Can we stay with on-premises licensing plan and still upgrade to orchestrator 2022.10?
Will the legacy on-premises licensing plan become out-of-support sooner?

Hi @Satishkumar_Lakshmanan

If you are an existing on prem user you can migrate to on prem on latest version as well

coming to the license plans they have been changes so till the existing license which you have is there you can sue it…Once that is expired…Depending on the above categories you have to choose the new plan


Thanks for the confirmation

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