On Prem to Cloud Orchestrator Migration Question


We are planning to migrate to a cloud orchestrator and have a few questions.

Studio: 2020.10.4
Orchestrator: 2022.4.2

• Currently, our orchestrator is in a classic folder setup. Do we need to migrate to a modern folder setup to upgrade the orchestrator?
• After migrating to Orchestrator Cloud, do we need to upgrade the studio and robots?
• If we upgrade Studio and Robot to the latest version, will our old processes be supported?

Thanks in Advance!


  1. Yes you need to move to modern from classic
  2. And yes as you move to cloud as per the orchestrator version you have to upgrade studio and robot as well
  3. As you upgrade to latest…from 2020…there are changes in few activities as well…so a verification is definitely needed when you upgrade…mostly they ahould work…but whenever we upgrade it is recommended to test the bots


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Thank you anil for your response.

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