On-Prem Orchestrator Installation: SQL Server License Query


I need to install on-prem Orchestrator, thus I need to have SQL Server. Next, we would like to purchase Server and CAL licenses of the SQL Server. Can someone advice how many CAL license do I need? Then, in which server do I need to install those licenses?


normally I use a User CAL.

There are user and device CAL. Is it sufficient with only user CAL?

yes, it is.

SQL Server does not keep track of licenses, including CAL licenses. You just need to keep the papers on a safe place in case an audit process request them.

Ok, why does CAL license is required?

btw, which SQL server package do you plan to install?

there are standard and enterprise.

It is standard.

if you see in this requirement https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/standalone/2022.10/installation-guide/orchestrator-software-requirements

there is no information on how many CALs you need to use. I don’t know what infrastructure design your plan is. however, if your design is only for single node, one User is enough.

Thanks, this project only uses one attended robot on-prem. However, we would like to install an orchestrator. If so, is it possible we don’t purchase any CAL or is it mandatory to have CAL to manage the Orchestrator?

it is possible but the risk is on you. if you are worried about additional licenses and you want to use OC. automation cloud is the best option for you.

Ok noted. I don’t have the option to use Cloud Orchestrator as the requirement is to be on-prem.

Thanks for the reply. I’m clear already.

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no worries. don’t forget to thick mark as a solution.

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