On pasting custom date time in date field using type into, it pass current date time instead of custom date time


I copied the date time (start date time) from excel column and pasted the value in start_date field in the application. On pasting, it shows the correct value (start date time) is pasted in the start_date field but after submitting when I check the in the background, it shows the current date time is passed instead of the start date time that I copied.

Anyone, please let me how can I pass the correct date time?


Hi @Alom_R

Can you perform manually the steps and enter Custom Date and try Submitting in the application, and check back the value of the date field in the application .

If it’s working on Manual submission. Then add a break point before the Type Into Activity and check the start_date field variable where you store the custom Date.

Hope this helps.


Forgot to mention, when I perform the steps manually, it pass the correct date (start_date) to the backend. Only the issue comes when bot process the steps.

Yes, I added a breakpoint after the type Into activity and I can see the the start_date field is containing the start date value which is copied and pasted from the excel file but on submission it is passing the current date time and not the start date which is there in the start_date field.


Let’s take you have the Datetime as a string in a string variable named Strinput

Now pass this string variable as input to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity

Then use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v and indicate that field where you want to type the value

This is more like copy paste we do with keyboard

Cheers @Alom_R

Hi Palaniyappan,
The solution you provided has resolve the issue.
Thanks for your support.

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