On Outlook Mail Basis Uipath Process Active

Hi All,

it is possible UiPath Process is active when i received mail from specific person
means when outlook get mail then UiPath Process will start

because so many order i have received on mail basis on that orders i want to process on mail basis
just like event fire when outlook received any mail

thanks in advanced

Ram Gurav

Hi @Ram_Gurav1

Check the below documentation,

Hope it helps!!

Hey @Ram_Gurav1
Yes, it’s possible to start a UiPath process automatically when an email is received from a specific person in Outlook. This can be achieved using UiPath’s capabilities to integrate with email services and trigger processes based on certain conditions.

  1. Use UiPath Mail Activities: UiPath provides activities for integrating with Outlook, like “Get Outlook Mail Messages” which can be used to read emails from your Outlook account.

  2. Monitor for New Emails: You can set up your UiPath process to periodically check for new emails. It can be also done in triggers.

  3. Filter Emails by Sender: Implement a condition to check if the incoming email is from the specific person (sender) you’re interested in. You can filter emails based on the sender’s address.

  4. Trigger Process on Receiving Email: Once an email from the desired sender is detected, you can configure your process to start the specific tasks or workflows you want to perform.

Need outlook extinction to automatically trigger UiPath activity