On our webpage we have a drop downlist and while click of this is taking 4 minutes

We are working on a web page which downloads an excel file. After downloading the excel file we are reading distinct values from Excel file.
Each value of the Excel file, we have to select from a drop down on the webpage and perform few steps.

Problem :
While trying to select the value from dropdown it is taking almost 3 minutes to click on dropdown and next 2 minutes to select the value from dropdown.

We tried different properties of the selectors but no improvement.

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What activity are you using to select item from drop down list ? And also go to properties of that activity and change WaitForReady from Interactive to None and then try once.

Hi @Brij2UP

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Fine…i think you must be using a click activity or select item activity to select a excel and you must be facing issue, while trying the select the item after 3 minutes, where the excel gets executed earlier to 3 minutes gives out error…
Kindly correct me if i m wrong…
well if thats the case, we have a property called TimeOutMS in click or select item activity where you can mention the time delay you want to make or even better you have a property called delaybefore and delayafter where you can mention the time as well to wait before and after the click…
Hope this would help you buddy
Kindly try this and let know if you face any issue
Cheers @Brij2UP

Hi there,

We are not using any delay as excel is hardly taking 4 seconds.






We are using SelectItem

We have tried this as well but no diffference.