On image appear/Folder appear

I have a python script that I run, and once it finishes it normally pops open a explorer.exe window.

I have tried to do the “on image appear” for when this window pops up, but if it is not on the selected area that I select for it EXACTLY on my monitor, the process does not continue.

Is there any other way to trigger to continue, the python script sometimes will take 2 minutes, could take 10. there is no telling it is all dependent on how big the report that the script is running

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once the script runs and window popups
– use get active window activity and this will bring the active window foreground
–inside this use a maximize window activity so that the window pop up will go for full screen
–now use on image appear as you did earlier and can validate from there on

hope this would help you
Cheers @rhyan.brandt

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I think this is exactly what I was looking for, however, I do not know how to specify the folder.

because it is not instantaneous once the script runs, it could take 2 minutes it could 5 could take 20.

How do i specify that i need this windows explorer window? I have tried to put the path in the output/application window and got an error "value of type of string cannot be converted to uipath.core.window

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can i have a view on this a screenshot if possible
Cheers @rhyan.brandt


let me know if that helps

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This one is fine buddy @rhyan.brandt
but i need the screenshot of one where you were facing this issue

There we go

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its an output variable property of type uipath.core.window and we cannot paste any string out thee
Thats the reason we are getting this error
Cheers @rhyan.brandt

so what do i put there? youll have to forgive my ignorance, i am super new to this

No worries
may i know what we want to perform over there, kindly elaborate a bit more on that
Cheers @rhyan.brandt

you bet!

kind of just show you… its more towards the end is what im trying to accomplish, when it runs the repgen/python script you will see it does take about a minute or so before it comes up, this is not the same every time otherwise I would just set the “Delay” but after that it pops open that window explorer folder

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Cheers @rhyan.brandt

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