On image appear cannot capture the image from time to time

hi there,
I found that on image appear activity cannot capture image on scream from time to time although the image appeared there, I tried to debug and check the problem, found that the output console kept on telling me this activity is monitoring but nothing is found, can anyone help me? I have attached one snapshot below.

Did you set the option RepeatForever to false ?

You can also use the following activity -

Karthik Byggari


Try to change the accuracy for the image as 0.75

This might help

yes, I have.

Just Capture Okay, Instead of complete button.

I have changed to 0.6, but occasionally it still does not work.


Please try with Element Exists Activity once.

This is a java app whose control is recognized by uipath(JFX control), should I use image exist instead?

by the way, this button will pop up when data is uploaded, data size is not fixed so consumed time is changing, could be very fast or extremely long, that’s why I choose on image appear,