On How many machines single package can run

HI Team,

On how many machines a single process can run? Is there any limit for this?

For example, Can a single process can run on 30 machines without any issue?


Theoretically, there is no limit. You can assign however many bots to a single process that you want.

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THank you for the quick response,

But my bot is getting stuck on some of the VM’s but run on other VM’s.

In thecode we are accessing the Login XAML(which is not in the package) file which is in shared drive. My all process access that that file.

Is there any limitation that a XAML file can be accessed.


Accessing a XAML file on a shared drive may be creating project folders on the shared drive which may change depending on the time the process is run. Some of those project files change every time you open a XAML file. Could this be loaded to a package instead?