On element appear - why is the default for the property RepeatForever TRUE


So from the title you can see what I’m asking why would the default for on Element Appear (property Repeat Forever) be set to true.

I would use it to let the workflow wait for some element to appear (lets say webpage is loading and when the specified element has appeared you know you can move on).

The repeat forever property has tripped me up a couple of times sending the workflow into an infinite loop.

I’m not sure what situation you would want to use the on element appear and have it just keep testing that constantly. Could someone give me an example so I can understand please, and does anyone agree that the default should be False (as it’s most common useage would be to put a simple delay into a workflow to wait until something is fully loaded).

I appreciate I may not know what I’m talking about could someone please educate me. Many thanks,


Seems like it’s been tackled quite a while ago with no change so far:


Well spotted @loginerror hopefully another post might bring this to someones attention (if it’s been forgotten about, also the more posts about the subject the easier it will be to find when you are wasting time trying to narrow down your issue to the on element appear activity and then trying to figure out why it’s not working if you’ve never encountered this problem before, it didn’t use to be a high priority, in terms of debugging to me that the default properties might be an issue, now it’s up there with incorrect selector choice).

I’d be interested if someone could give me an example of when you would want it to be true.