On Element Appear - Unfocused

I have an automation that runs a report on a web-browser. When the report completes, a button turns from greyed out to orrange. I can successfully use an On Element Appear with the following attributes to wait until the report completes.

Timeout: 3600000
WaitForReady: COMPLETE
Repeat Forever: False
WaitActive: Checked
WaitVisible: Checked.

The only issue is that it only works if the current focus is on the Web-browser window. If the user is doing something else, then it will just sit there when it becomes active for the remainder of the hour or until the user returns focus to the web browser.

Any way to make this completely autonomous?

Have you tried using the Find Element activity instead? It will look for the element up until the TimeoutMS is reached, so works as a dynamic delay. You can also store the output to an element variable which can be used in following activities if desired.

That one appears to have the same issue. It won’t recognize it’s active and visible unless the focus is on that window. It does however make the code a little simpler. (Don’t have to encase what comes after in the resulting “Do” blocks.)

Ahhh! If you uncheck the “WaitActive” it will no longer require Focus. Thanks!

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