On Element Appear 'SPAN': Activity timeout exceeded- Generate Yearly Report Dispatcher

Hi all, I’m doing the generate yearly report dispatcher but I keep receiving this error

I’m not sure why this error happen and u can see below is my dynamic selector

Here is my Get Transaction Data:

Appreciate your kind help as I stuck here for quite some time now :frowning:

You are trying to navigate to another page if the number exists here as per your screenshots right? But you can scrape all the pages with the data scraping instead of checking for the another number or page. Have you tried that? That would be easier way

The assignment asked to create 1 transaction item for 1 page. That’s why we should not scrape all pages. At least if we follow the suggested solution.

@gilles.b, I missed it may be , but
I don’t think they would really mean that because they are providing us the activity to scrape all the pages data

I was also facing similar issue. After going through UIPath Forum for the same, got solution as below -
Set ‘RepeatForever’ property to False

This has solved my issue. Try the same at your end