On Element Appear Selector

We’ve developed workflows with the activity, On Element Appear, and in the older workflows there’s an actual Selector in the Selector section that can be validated, highlighted, etc., but in the newer workflows that I’m developing in the Selector section of the On Element Appear activity, it says, “Enter a VB expression.” Why is there not a selector any more? I can’t indicate an element on the screen any more.

Hi @Ben88

Looks like you have indicated a element which did not get captured properly. Can you try going to indicate element on screen again and indicate the required item on the screen.

May I also know which browser you are using? I’m asking this because in firefox and chrome I have noticed scenarios where the selectors doesn’t get generated automatically for pop ups. In such scenarios you might need to use Get Text kind of activities. If your pop up is a different form kind of a screen, I would suggest to use IE as the browser for your automation as it is much easier and automation friendly than other browsers.


I have the same issue in another workflow that has an image. I actually copied and pasted this portion of this workflow below to the first workflow that I posted a picture of.

What’s the browser you are using?

We’re not using a browser for this automation. It’s all in SAP and Excel, but for other automations we use Chrome.