On Element Appear runs twice


I use “on element appear” to have the robot wait for a reply in a chatbox on a webpage, it registers the reply, retrieves the text in the reply. that part works great. The issue comes on the second “on element appear”, I use it to wait for a icon to appear to close the chat. Ui registers the icon, performs the do, clicking the close button, but then it goes out to wait for the element to appear again. So it waits, finds what it is waiting for, performs the do and tries to wait again until it fails because of the try catch which is surrounding it.

Any good ideas on why it goes into the action, and goes out to try performing it again?

What element are you checking for @Michaeljep?

I’m waiting for a “close” button to appear, and then clicking the button when it appears and the chat closes. but the robot is checking again after it has performed the do.

Can you attach the worklow

OpenChatandgetEC.xaml (52.5 KB)

This “on element appear” works fine, but the one underneath is checking twice.


You are using click for two times to click on Chat Close @Michaeljep

It is there in THEN condition of IF and then it is there in the TRY CATCH activity


set RepeatForever propety with False Value


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Already set to false, so not the solution :frowning:

What do you mean with it checks twice? It clicks twice or it validates the selector twice? Clicking twice is as HareeshMR mentioned due to the activity in your Exception catch.

it validates twice, it waits for the element to appear, then performs the actions, but then in loops and waits for the element to appear again but then breaks down and performs the catch.

It looks like the Property “RepeatForever” is not working