On Element Appear Process for buttons and Popup forms

Hi there,

i have built a access form that runs through several queries. I have to invoke these queries through a button (1 and 2). Each button will run a query for a dynamic period of time. After the query is finished a popup window will populate and then i click okay to repeat the process on the second window.

I haven’t run this yet as its a proof of concept on a small “live database” - yes i know i shouldn’t be using a live database, making a copy isn’t possible due to some constraints i wont go into.

my steps are as follows,

1 click radio button
2 use on element appear to wait for pop up window
2.a click the okay button
3 click second radio button
4 use on element appear to wait for pop up window
4a click the okay button

my question is, will my nesting work as it is now? having the “click” radio button(s) outside of the on element appear activities?


Hi bostonwheeler,

I believe your current setup will work okay. One alternative solution would be to use an ‘element exists’ activity. I have one question though. Does the element you are using for the ‘on element appear’ generate 100% of the time after clicking the first button? If not, you will need some kind of decision activity to handle instances where the element is not generated.